4 Qualities of a First-Rate Employee

Posted on: September 24th, 2015 by Rob Baumhover

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Your employees are the face of your business – the ones your customers will see, interact with, and have an experience with. In order to ensure your customers have a positive experience and want to come back regularly, it is vital that you have top-notch employees in your business. But what makes a great employee? Use the following four qualities as a starting point to evaluate current employees and potential new hires. Always remember, only the best will do for your HME business!

       1. A Go-Getter Attitude

The best employees are the type that, when handed an assignment, are eager and motivated to get it done and do it right. Bonus points if they take on productive projects without being asked! Being able to trust someone with doing a job and knowing they’ll give their best effort relieves a lot of stress for managers and business owners.

       2. A Team Player

The success of a business lies in the strength of the entire team as a whole. Hiring people who can work well with others and who are friendly and pleasant to be around will make every day in the office enjoyable.

       3. Willingness to Learn

Especially in small businesses, employees need to be able to wear many different hats. One day you may be helping customers, the next remerchandising, and the next hosting an open house event. Having an employee how can learn several tasks quickly and perform them well will be helpful on busy days when you just need an extra set of knowledgeable hands.

       4. Empathy

Having the ability to connect with customers is key in customer service, and especially in our industry. Because we handle very personal and complicated issues on a daily basis, it’s important that your customer service employees are relatable to customers. In order to give someone the highest quality of care possible, a customer must feel comfortable enough to share all of their health related issues.