5 Common Website Mistakes Any Business Can Make

Posted on: November 12th, 2015 by Rob Baumhover


In a world where our smartphones and our computers are an extension of our body and the internet is an extension of our brain, it’s vital for every business to not only be on the internet but to be well represented on the internet. For online customers, a website is their first impression of a business so it’s important to make it a good one.

But how do you know what to have and what not to have on your website? Below are five of the most common mistakes seen on business websites:

        1. Too much information or too many tabs
And on the other hand…

       2. Too little information or too few tabs
Determining the right amount of information to have on your website can be difficult for many small businesses, especially when they’re managing it themselves. And it can be even more challenging for businesses like HME’s that require a lot of background information about their sales process. Which is why many HME’s end up with either 15 tabs or 2, neither of which are a good amount. There are 5 main tabs to always have on your website: Home Page, About Us, Products, Resources, and Contact Information. Any additional tabs will depend on the business and services offered.

       3. Not visually interesting
Would you rather watch a black and white, old-school silent film or a modern day, full color, HD movie? Probably the HD movie. The same applies to websites. Visitors get bored on websites that are one-dimensional with few colors and static pages. Give your website life with videos, links, and graphics to keep visitors engaged.

       4. Poor use of banner ads
Web banners are one of the most effective visual marketing tools available to you on your website. They are easily changeable to reflect your business’s newest products, sale, or in-store event. With a moving banner ad, you can have multiple messages being shown which adds to the visual interest to your site.

       5. The right amount of product information
Consumers use the internet as a tool to research and gain information about products before they make a purchase decision. Your website needs to provide them with enough product information to take the next step towards a purchase. The products don’t necessarily need to be purchase-able online, in fact we recommend that they’re not. But you MUST provide them with the information to satisfy their curiosity and have a compelling call to action to get them to visit or call your store.

What does your company’s website look like? Are you making any of these mistakes? Even if you aren’t making these mistakes, brainstorm with your team to find ways to make it even better. Remember, first impressions are always important!