5 Steps to Enhancing Customer Experience

Posted on: July 3rd, 2014 by Rob Baumhover


HME Retailers,

Check out these great tips for enhancing customer experience in your HME store.

     1. Focus Your Marketing Efforts on Life Enhancement

We often forget to remember that the products we sell are more than the sum of their parts. For the people who need them, these products make the absolute difference in their quality of life.

To your customer, it is not a wheelchair. It is freedom and independence. The customer experience is about far more than the sales process. It’s about understanding how the product enhances the healthy and happy lifestyle of that person.

Consider incorporating this kind of thinking into your advertising and marketing efforts, and then deliver on that promise in your retail environment.

     2. Retail Store Design

Use the basic elements of retail store design to improve your customer experience. Color, in-store signs, and lifestyle graphics can all be integrated and are equally important. Today’s consumer expects these things and will be more likely to spend more in a pleasing store environment.



Neutral walls and slat wall are not a must. Color, used effectively in a brand palette, connects with your logo and external marketing efforts. Think about how you can tie everything together to tell a story to your customers. Color is also an effective tool in moving customers through the store. It creates interest and invites customers deeper into your retail space.


In-store signage is another basic element of retail store design that can make an important contribution to your customer experience. Incorporate your brand color palette and use a clearly legible typeface. In addition, use different size signs to help break up the visual field. Experiment with vertical wall signs as a way to create even more interest.

Lifestyle Graphics

Lifestyle graphics cement your visual approach to improving customer experience. You are able to connect your external messaging with your in-store presentation. Again, you are telling a story that connects your products to their lifestyle benefits.

     3. Fixtures and Product Display

Consider incorporating modular wall fixtures that mix in with your existing slatwall. This helps to create interest and affords the ability to effectively merchandise the large scale product boxes that are typical of our industry.

Consider the ‘less is more’ approach when displaying product on your floor. Making it easy to move through your store improves the customer experience.


     4. Exterior Friendliness

The exterior of your store is more than just the sign over the door. Window displays, flowers or landscaping, and lighting creates a visual ‘welcome mat’ for your store. Remember we want to invite customers into our store. We want their experience to be comfortable and pleasant.

     5. Traffic Drivers

You already know what products are your primary traffic drivers. Consider positioning those products towards the back of your store. This creates a traffic flow past other complimentary products of interest to your customers.