A Wave of Natural Pain Relief with Topricin

Posted on: October 29th, 2015 by Rob Baumhover


One of the hottest trends in the health and wellness industry right now is innovative, natural, and chemical-free healing products for relieving pain. And at the top of every consumer’s wish list is to be healed of the pain ailments they suffer from. Millions of pain sufferers are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired from the side effects caused by chemical-based over the counter and prescriptions pain pills, along with the epidemic of addiction they have caused.

UntitledPain is the most universal sickness and health complaint there is. People of every age, gender and lifestyle deal with some sort of pain during their lifetime.  From exercise soreness to lower back, arthritis, and nerve pain, everyone experiences pain. The questions that should be on our minds as medical providers are:

“What better, safer, and more effective options are there for treating pain” and

“What products can I provide my customers that actually treat the cause of pain, and reduce or eliminate side effects?”


Over the past decade, many people are beginning to realize the detrimental side effects and addictive properties of opioid prescription pain pills and are searching for safer products to replace them. This is matched by a significant growing interest among American consumers seeking natural alternatives to chemical-based products, which allows them to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.  Biomedicines, in particular, are in huge demand.

Enter Topical BioMedics and Topricin – the newest VGM Retail Vendor

VGM Retail has recently partnered with Topical BioMedics, a leader in topically-applied patented biomedicine pain relief creams, and their flagship Topricin pain relief and healing creams product line. For over 20-years, Topricin has brought the most complex natural pain relief products to the marketplace and they are now available to VGM members and your customers.

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Topricin products treat the cause of the pain, not just mask it. This natural combination of 11-biomedicines was formulated to drain toxins and fluids that build up from the pain site as a result of injuries or inflammatory ailments, relax micro-circulation, restoring oxygen-rich blood flow to cells for optimum healing of cells causing the pain. After using Topricin regularly for a short period of time, many users have reported that not only do they feel better, and have reduced the amount of oral pain pills they take including prescription opioids, but that their pain is actually gone.

If you’re interested in learning more about Topricin and Topical BioMedics, or placing an order, please call Karina Foster @ 845-871-4900 (Ext 1116) or email [email protected]. You are also invited to visit their website www.topricin.com.