An Exploding Senior Generation Means “Money in the Bag” for HME Retailers

Posted on: August 21st, 2014 by Rob Baumhover


HME Retailers,

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The VGM Retail team, among other industry experts, was recently asked by HME Business to collaborate on an article detailing the explosive potential for cash sales in the HME market. We shared our tips and strategies for retail sales and how to market your business to the booming senior generation.

You’ve been hearing for several years that “the time for cash sales in the HME industry is NOW.” It couldn’t be any truer! For the next couple of decades, the senior market will be growing exponentially on a daily basis, making this the perfect time to capture the cash revenue they’ll generate.

The following five “Money in the Bag” tips provided by retail experts in the HME Business article are an excellent starting point for your business to successfully grow your senior market share and boost cash sales.

1. Provide seniors with product options that allow them to remain in their homes for longer, while also reducing the anxiety that loved ones and care-givers have about their safety.

2. Design your showroom to accommodate all types of senior shoppers. This includes wide, moveable aisles, clear signage, and well displayed products.

3. Make the senior shopping experience memorable with contests, giveaways and vendor or physician speakers.

4. Hire helpful, knowledgeable employees to welcome and educate your senior customers.

5. Market to seniors using positive messages focused on health and independence rather than aging.


For more information about the potential of HME cash sales in the senior market, read the full article here.