Beds, sheets and bedding accessories – Don’t let this retail revenue fall through the cracks!

Posted on: April 1st, 2014 by Rob Baumhover


HME Retailers,

Did you know that the average 65-year-old spends almost 9 hours a day in bed (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2011)? That number also rises depending on medical conditions and activity level, as well as personality traits and physical capabilities.

So, it’s safe to say that our HME customer base spends a LOT of time in bed!

With that said, is your HME providing all the beds, bedding, sheets and bed accessories that your customers need to get a safe and comfortable night’s sleep? For example, do you provide twin-extra-long sheets (the standard size for a hospital bed)? Do you provide bed wedges and specialty pillows? How about bed rails and fall mats for additional safety? Over-bed tables? Specialty bedding surfaces to prevent injury or pressure ulcers?

If you do not provide these items, it’s fair to assume that your competition almost certainly does! Bed, Bath and Beyond, for example, sells a multitude of twin-XL sheets and bedding for hospital beds – So when your customer leaves your store with a hospital bed, but no bedding to put on it, they go elsewhere.

It’s up to you to ensure this high-margin retail revenue stays with YOU!

Here are some simple tips to get you started:

1. Ensure your HME stocks a variety of beds, sheets, bedding, pillows, sleep surfaces, bed accessories, and bed-safety items. Having a ‘Good’, ‘Better’, ‘Best’ option for each product type is ideal.

2. Ensure  your staff members know what products you carry, and are able to speak knowledgeably about all of them (role playing is a great way to improve staff knowledge for these types of items).

3. ALWAYS talk about and show the customer all the ‘add-on’ product options that you have available.

4. Have a bed set up in your store, complete with all the available bedding, accessories and safety items. You could even go the extra step and create a full bedroom vignette. Customers like to see, touch and feel how the bed and accessory items would look in their home.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 855-831-8470 if you would like more information about the bedding manufacturers and products available through VGM.


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