Caring for the Caregiver – 5 Great Retail Product Ideas

Posted on: August 3rd, 2015 by Rob Baumhover

HME Retailers,

The “caregiver” has become an important role in the modern family dynamic. A 2009 survey found that 65.7 million people in the United States, or 28.5% of the population, serve as unpaid caregivers to an adult family member, a child with special needs or a friend (Emblem Health).

Caregivers often face multiple responsibilities and complex demands of their time, energy and efforts. Many caregivers work full-time outside the home and care for spouses and children as well as frail or ill family members. As a result, caregiving can take a significant physical and psychological toll.

What can we do to help?

It is important that we as HME Retailers understand the needs of caregivers and learn how we can help maintain their health and well-being. By providing products and ideas that aid in the care of both the patient and caregiver, HME retailers can  make their transition into care and day-to-day tasks a little easier.

The 2009 Caregiving in the United States survey by the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP reported that 50% of all caregivers assist with difficult tasks associated with personal care, including:

• Getting in and out of bed and chairs
• Getting dressed
• Helping bathe or shower
• Getting to and from the toilet
• Feeding the care recipient
• Dealing with incontinence and diapers

See below for some HME retail product ideas from VGM contracted vendors that can aid with these tasks and help make caregiving much easier. Group these types of products together in your store and use category signage to help identify these products for your caregiver customers.


 Better Rest Solutions – SoClean 

The world’s first automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer makes for a faster, easier and more effective way for caregivers to clean their patients CPAP equipment. Caregivers can save time and energy by simply putting the PAP equipment in the SoClean, close the lid, and move on to the next task while the equipment gets clean. It’s that simple! Read more about SoClean.


Veridian Healthcare- Infrared Thermometer and Clamp Arm CuffCaptur1eCapture2

Making everyday duties easier is the name of the game with these products from Veridian Healthcare. Caregivers can quickly and accurately measure the health of their patients with an easy to use thermometer and blood pressure cuff. Less fuss, less hassle, and more time to give quality care to the patient.


Jane Inc. – All Natural Healing

jane incjane inc1
For the natural healing lovers, offer aromatherapy products like Jane Inc. All of Jane Inc.’s products are made with 100% natural, organic and made in the USA. Caregivers can relax in a soothing aromatherapy bath seltzer or pharmacy soak. Or simply unwind with some essential oil mists, each with its own ingredients and remedies. Read more about Jane Inc.


Roscoe Medical – Viverity Pain Relief Pad

viverity 2 viverityAfter long days of bending and lifting, or even throughout the day while their working, an electrotherapy massage is just what caregivers need! The Viverity™ Pain Relief Pad is an advanced rechargeable wireless TENS device for use at home and can be used for pain almost anywhere on the body.


FrozenPeaz® – TheraPeaz Spa Neck Wrap or ProPeaz™ T-shape Wrap

CaptureNeck-3-wrap1Follow up the electrotherapy massage with a nice hot/cold pack! Oftentimes, caregivers experience tension and soreness in their back, neck, and shoulders from lifting and bending to care for their patients or loved ones. They can relax and relieve pain through the soothing therapy of FrozenPeaz. Keep frozen to reduce swelling in ankles or knees or put in the microwave to relieve back and shoulder pain after being on their feet all day. Read more about FrozenPeaz.