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In addressing groups of business owners and senior managers over the years, there are two simple questions I have put to them…as follows:

1: Here is a question about two people we can call Mr. A and Mr. B: If Mr. A regularly goes for a health check but Mr. B chooses not to…who will find the most health problems, Mr. A or Mr. B?

2: Next question, which of the two men will exert the most control over their health? Mr. A or Mr. B?

The obvious answer in both cases is of course Mr. A, and the point of the exercise is to then ask this question of business leaders: “How many medical and retail enterprises are A or B types, meaning how many actively seek to gain feedback from the people they serve…and how many do not?” From my experience the truth is that very, very few have created organized, consistent ways of actively learning how their work with patients or customers pays off…for both parties, starting with those being served. This awful state of affairs has not occurred because people don’t care about the market they serve; it is because they probably think they already know how people judge their service…and the results they create for people.

Imagine if managers and owners treated their revenue flow in the same way, meaning they would rely on trusting a ‘feeling’ about their results…rather than keeping accurate records. The majority of organizations that ‘appear’ to search for and use market feedback…is amazing. For example, most hotels provide guests with feedback surveys, but less than 3% of guests complete them…perhaps leading hotel managers to think that all is well.

The reason for the pathetic response is that most hotel surveys feature between 40 to 80 questions about all aspects of their service contact…like as if customers see service as being so complex. Perhaps hotels engage in such nonsense because the guests would have to stay an extra night to complete the surveys! And yet there is always a positive exception to the rule. I know of one hotel that asked guests just 2 questions…and using this simple strategy they received feedback from 80% of people and lots of helpful ideas. The questions were as follows:

  • What, if anything, did you find to be pleasing, valuable or distinctive about our service…compared to other hotels you have stayed at?
  • What, if anything, would you suggest we should consider changing about our service to improve your stay with us in future?

Adding a small reward would help, such as a Starbucks gift card…but there is an even better way to learn from the market and improve your contribution to people. It involves inviting a handful of patients/customers to attend an informal, brief meeting with you (and perhaps some staff)…so as to gain first hand feedback along the lines of the two questions just mentioned above. I have a document that explains how to run such a session, offering ideas on how to invite people and questions to use…so please email me to get a copy.

Getting feedback on revenues and other issues that matter to you means very little if you fail to gain opinions from those you serve. They can’t and won’t tell you how to run the business, but they can offer ideas on progress…for them and for you.


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