Check out the Retail Science Center at Heartland 2015!

Posted on: June 11th, 2015 by Rob Baumhover

Retail Science Center

HME Retailers,

VGM Retail has a new and exciting location on the second floor of the events center at this year’s Heartland Conference!

Why is our space called the Retail Science Center? Remember, retail is a science! Just like hydrogen and oxygen atoms combine to create a water molecule in chemistry, combining fundamental retail “atoms” creates a successful HME retail business! In our industry, retail “atoms” are often only used as individual parts, rather than as a whole system. To be a truly successful retailer, we must look at our business as we look at the H2O molecule and understand how all of the parts come together to create the ideal HME retail “molecule.”

Ask us about our newest, Members-only offering – Shop-in-a-Box! This kit combines all of the retail “atoms” to give HME retailers all of the tools they need to catapult their business to true retail success.

For more information about the Heartland Conference, visit the website here. Be sure to stop by our Retail Science Center or attend one of educational sessions! We hope to see you next week!