Coming soon to a city near you – VGM Retail’s 2015 Retail Science Roadshow

Posted on: February 19th, 2015 by Rob Baumhover

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HME Retailers,

VGM Retail is hitting the road and bringing our retail knowledge and expertise to your home turf!

Over the next several months, our team will be traveling across the country hosting one-day Retail Science Roadshow seminars. These hands-on, interactive sessions will feature topics including: the evolution of HME into retail, implementing traditional retail strategy and techniques in the healthcare industry, using data to analyze and drive performance, and a holistic approach to solving the problems your business is facing.

The first three roadshow events will be held in Connecticut, North Carolina and Texas with additional dates and locations to come.

Session topics include:

The Evolution of Retail:
How did we progress from the small-town general stores of the past to the fast-paced, big-box, chain store and online retail world of today? And how can we learn from the mistakes of retailers before us to launch ourselves into a successful retail future?

The Next Era in the Health Care Retail Transformation:
Today’s HME market is flooded with competition. We’re being squeezed into a changing industry with some very big players. Being the underdogs in this evolving market, how do we stand out in the crowd and provide our customers with something the big players can’t match?

Using Data to Drive Current Performance and Predict the Future:
Retail is about constantly responding to trends, inventory turns, and sales demands. It’s about changing your offerings to satisfy continually evolving customer wants and needs. In order to be successful, retailers must know how to track and analyze data and implement changes based on the trends. We’ll teach you the best data strategies to use to drive performance.

A Holistic Strategy to Solving the Problems your HME is Facing:
Every retail business works and feeds off of the performance and success of all of its moving parts. Each piece of the business, from marketing, to products, to store layout and staff training, is integrated and dependent on the others. Learn how to create a successful, well-rounded and positively performing business by building each piece of your business to operate in sync.

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