Don’t Let Your Orthopedic Patients Sacrifice Style for Their Injury!

Posted on: April 14th, 2015 by Rob Baumhover


HME Retailers,

VGM Retail is pleased to introduce a new preferred retail vendor: CastCoverz!. CastCoverz!’ mission is simple: provide fun and functional products to comfort orthopedic and mobility patients. With a variety of different designs and colors, your customers can easily find a style that suits their personality!

CastCoverz! has an interesting background, being created after founder Annette Giacomazzi’s then 10-year-old daughter broke her humerus, the large bone in her upper arm. As a way to comfort her daughter who wasn’t thrilled about wearing a bulky, ugly cast and sling, Giacomazzi sewed together a few covers and slings, creating CastCoverz! in the process.


VGM Retail was attracted to Cast Coverz!’ products because they provide natural add-on sales for HME retailers. The products are simple to use (and sell) so customer service employees can easily show them off to any mobility or orthopedic patient that may visit your store. The fun and funky designs and patterns are eye-catching as customers walk throughout your store and practically sell themselves. These cash products make a great addition to any mobility or orthopedic product assortment.


To learn more about CastCoverz!, click here to visit their website or call VGM Retail at 855-285-3300 to see where their unique and funky products can fit into your HME’s product mix!

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