Don’t let those slow days get you down! 10 ways to make downtime productive.

Posted on: August 15th, 2014 by Rob Baumhover


HME Retailers,

Like every other retail business, HME retailers will occasionally experience a ‘slow day’ that makes you wonder if you forgot to flip the door sign to OPEN. It can be easy to take these days to heart, but it’s important not to let those ‘down’ times get you down, and instead, use them productively!

Think of it as a time to cross a few items off your ever growing To-Do list, as well as a time to refresh your store and your team. Keeping busy will help motivate your staff and keep the selling spirit alive for when the customers start to stroll in again. The article below from Retail Minded shares ten ways to be productive even when there isn’t a customer in sight.

The Top Ten slow day to-do list includes:

1. Dusting
2. Creating a customer loyalty action plan
3. Shopping your competitors online
4. Cleaning out and reorganize drawers, closets and storage rooms (for HME providers – This could also include your warehouse!)
5. Getting inspired on Pinterest (Think interesting ways to merchandise and create product displays, window displays etc.)
6. Creating Employee Reviews (How about creating role playing activities with your team to practice up-selling and learning about new products and accessories)
7. Writing a Press Release
8. Following up with Long-Lost Customers
9. Creating a strategy for email, social and online marketing
10. Walking your store and evaluate it from a customer’s perspective

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