End the Marketing Tug-Of-War! 3 Innovative Marketing Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank.

Posted on: September 18th, 2014 by Rob Baumhover


The marketing tug-of-war goes something like this:

You want to create great marketing campaigns that are professional, high quality, innovative and successful. You want to bring customers through the door and increase sales.

But you don’t want to break the bank doing it.

It’s true that TV ads, radio slots, and newspaper and magazine ads can be expensive. However, these are not the only ways to market your business. With a little imagination, you can boost your brand awareness, bring new customers through your doors, and increase sales with little to no cost involved!

Check out the three marketing tips below from VGM Retail! Share this post with your staff and have a brainstorming session to explore whether these or other low-cost marketing ideas could benefit your business. Innovation and team work go a long way in creating successful grass-roots marketing campaigns, and can even help to improve staff morale.

1. Get involved in local community events:

Volunteer, sponsor or donate! Take advantage of any opportunity that will make your business visible to the community. Sign up to have a water table along a 5k run/walk route, or have a snack table at a Family Fun Night in your area. Sponsor local high school or college sports events or donate the use of your for-rent mobility items. Volunteer with staff members at a local concert, fair or carnival and create logo’d team t-shirts for everyone to wear. Bring along your delivery van with free pamphlets, and logo’d promotional giveaway items to hand out.

2. Create product demonstration videos:

Many customers like to be fully informed about product features, benefits and usability before they make a purchase. Record your staff demonstrating some of your products and explaining their health benefits.  These videos can be posted on your business’ website or social media pages, or played on screens within your store. There are several free apps and software programs online that can help you to film and edit your videos like a professional.

3. Partner with a local health clinic or specialist:

Invite a local doctor or physician to your store for a Q&A or Meet-and-Greet session. This is a great opportunity for a referral source to explore your product offerings first-hand and build valuable relationships with your customers and your employees. Partnering with a local health clinic and offering to host or sponsor events such as blood pressure testing, or diabetes or breastfeeding support groups is another great way to become involved in the community and build relationships with potential customers and referral sources.

For more great ideas for marketing on a budget, contact VGM Retail today at 855.285.3300 or [email protected]!