From Black Bears to Lobsters – VGM Retail sees it all in Maine!

Posted on: November 13th, 2014 by Rob Baumhover


HME Retailers,

Last month the VGM Retail Team took a trip to the beautiful Portland, Maine to visit long-time VGM member and friend of VGM Retail Jim Greatorex, and his team at Black Bear Medical. Jim showed us around his fantastic HME showroom and we offered our ideas and suggestions for continuing to keep the sales floor fresh and engaging for customers.

“We had a great meeting,” Jim told us. “It was very helpful and informative to have an outside set of eyes come in and give us some input on how to improve. As a result of their visit, we will be making reconfigurations to our showroom to better enhance our in-store retail operations. It was a very positive visit and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the VGM Retail Team.”

Another highlight for Jim, “we enjoyed introducing an Iowa boy to some fantastic Maine lobstah!!”

We had an excellent visit too, and appreciate the hospitality of the Black Bear Medical Team.

Check out some great pictures of the Black Bear store below!






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