I-Gogs: The Impulse Item for Every Customer

Posted on: July 9th, 2015 by Rob Baumhover

HME Retailers,

Do you or someone you know have reading glasses? How many pairs of glasses do they own? They probably have one for at home, one for the office, one in the car and maybe a couple others lying around here and there. But even though they have multiple pairs, they still seem to be missing them when they really need them, and are always buying more pairs. That’s why reading glasses and sunglasses make the perfect add-on, impulse item for every HME retailer!

Meet VGM Retail’s new preferred vendor partner, I-Gogs! I-Gogs is a family owned and operated company out of LeSueur, MN. Their wide assortment of products includes sports eyewear, women’s sunglasses, children’s sunglasses, reading glasses and even sports goggles. They have endless styles, fits, colors, and accessories to solve any eyewear need.

VGM Retail has partnered with I-Gogs because their sunglasses and reading glasses are of high quality and make the ideal impulse item for every HME retailer. Many of our customers could use an extra pair of readers from time to time. Place a small, attractive spinning fixture of readers near your customer service counter and the next time a customer has difficulty reading something, grab a pair for them to use. Chances are they’ll buy a pair on the spot!

To learn more about I-Gogs’ products, visit their website or call us at 855-285-3300 to see how you can integrate I-Gogs into your product mix!