HME and Science – What’s the Connection?

Posted on: March 19th, 2015 by Rob Baumhover

Glass in a chemical laboratory filled with colored liquid during

The VGM Retail Team was recently asked “What is a Retail ‘Science’ Roadshow? What does my HME business have to do with science?” Our answer was that, in fact, the world of HME retail has a lot in common with the world of science.

Think back to your high school chemistry class. You learned that combining two Hydrogen atoms with one Oxygen atom creates H2O – a water molecule. You also learned that by taking away the one Oxygen atom, you don’t have water anymore. You’re left with only Hydrogen.

Retail is just like chemistry. Combining all of the fundamental “atoms” creates a successful retail “molecule.” If you have a fantastic store experience, an ideal product assortment, top-notch merchandising, and great human resources atoms, but you haven’t added in regular, effective marketing (or any combination of the essential retail elements), you’re left with just a pile of “atoms” or “pieces” of a retail store. It’s not the real deal. And you’re left wondering why you aren’t reaching your revenue goals.

Now, just to be clear: We won’t be making explosive HME volcanoes at our Retail Science Roadshow events! But we will be learning how to mix the five fundamental elements of retail together to create a true (and effective!) retail molecule.

HME retailers often get into the habit of viewing the fundamental retail “atoms” as individual parts, instead of looking at how they affect the system as a whole. To be truly successful retailers, we must look at our businesses as we look at the H2O molecule. We must examine, analyze and understand how all of the parts come together to create success.

Have you signed up for our Retail Science Roadshow yet? Learn how to improve your overall retail business “molecule” through one-on-one interaction with our VGM Retail Team, interactive, hands-on activities, and group discussions at our one-day Retail Science Roadshow events.