Increase Margins through Incremental Sales!

Posted on: December 1st, 2016 by Rob Baumhover
Are you capitalizing on the potential revenue available through incremental product sales?

Incremental selling involves creating a consultative connection with customers to recommend products that will help them heal or live better. For instance, for every CPAP or respiratory customer you serve, you should also be selling a pillow, a pillow case and some cleaning wipes. Help your CPAP customers achieve increased comfort and support, while increasing your bottom line!

Contour Products is dedicated to helping VGM members combat reimbursement cuts while continuing to bring their customers the products they want and need. The best way for providers to do that is through incremental sales!

Think of it this way:

Let’s say you have 1,500 active CPAP patients you serve every year. And, out of those patients, one of every 10 also purchased a CPAP pillow, pillow cases and mask wipes – products they want and need to make their condition more manageable and comfortable. With average revenues of pillows at $59.95, pillow cases at $14.95 and wipes at $9.95, you’re receiving $84.85 of cash per patient. That’s over $12,727.50 in additional topline revenue just by providing products patients want and need.

To give you a jump start on your incremental sales program, Contour Products is providing a VGM member exclusive discount on their top-selling CPAP pillow, pillow cases and mask wipes! A discount so amazing you’ll see profit margins of 49 percent on these products!

Contact Colleen Hinsberg, sales manager at Contour Products, and mention the VGM CPAP Bundle promotion today! She can be reached at [email protected] or 704-944-2810.

Happy incremental selling!