Introducing the M+D Crutch

Posted on: July 10th, 2017 by Rob Baumhover

Introducing the M+D Crutch– a leap in Ambulatory Aid Innovation and DME Profitability.

For your customers, it eliminates the two worst parts of standard crutches:

  • Pain in the wrist and armpits
  • Loss of hand functionality

For your retail location M+D Crutches represents:

  • 40% net margin
  • Cash Sale

User Experience:

  • The M+D Crutch distributes the user’s weight over the forearms, instead of the wrists
    and underarms
  • Users of the M+D Crutch find relief immediately!
  • The increased comfort translates to user satisfaction and higher levels of compliance
  • The pivoting arm cradle allows users to utilize their hands while performing ADL’s
    without disengaging from the crutches. The user is free to brush her teeth, shake hands+, and all without the danger of losing her balance or dropping the crutch.

DME Benefits:

  • Making a historically unprofitable category a financial winner!
  • Whether a Cash Sale or Rental the M+D Crutch = increased profitability for you

The M+D Crutch is quickly catching on as a short-term user Rental. Like knee walkers, which exploded in popularity once they were rented, the M+D Crutch is a vast improvement over conventional crutches. Compared to knee walkers, the M+D Crutch is:

  • Much lighter at 9 lbs.
  • Less bulky and easier to transport
  • Practical for going up and down stairs
  • Appropriate for ALL leg injuries, not just ankle injuries

Dr. Sabin Testimonial                                                                                      Testimonial
Dr. Sabin is a physician in Kansas City. She has tried just about every
ambulatory aid out there. As she put it:

  • “Thank God I found these crutches, they were a life saver!”
  • “So much more comfortable than the alternatives I’ve tried.
  • “Without them, my recovery time would have been much longer and I would have had to have Carpel Tunnel surgery”
  • “They gave me the freedom I needed”
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