Kicking Down the Door of the Big Box

Posted on: September 14th, 2016 by Rob Baumhover

Walmart. CVS. Walgreens. Bed, Bath & Beyond. Target.

What do all of these retailers have in common? Huge buying power, massive marketing budgets, recognizable branding and a product selection to appease almost any customer. Oh, and together they compete with the products offered in most HME’s.

So, how can we in the HME industry compete with these retail giants?

In two simple ways: Service and product knowledge. How many times have you walked into one of those big box stores and received little to no help finding what you were looking for? Or asked a salesperson the difference between two similar products only to get a vague answer because they’re not really sure? Or needed a product to fill a specific need but the sales person wasn’t really sure how the product worked?

That’s what makes our industry different. We’re not just salespeople pushing product. We’re caretailers, listening to customers and helping them find the products to fit their specific need. We care about the health, safety and recovery of our customers and show it through our experience and knowledge of the products in our store.

But, how do we stay competitive when it comes to products and pricing?

Leave that to us. While several of our retail vendor products can be found in some of these big box stores, we’ve negotiated to get better pricing for our members. That provides you with the luxury of wider margins and the ability to price competitively with the chain stores. Coupling that with the service and product knowledge you already excel at, you can kick some Big Box CA$H.

These are a few of VGM’s contracted vendors currently offering retail products and programs:

– A&D Medical / LifeSource®
– Attends Healthcare Products
– Contour Products
– FrozenPeaz®
– Golden Technologies
– Incrediwear
– ING Source, Inc.
– Roscoe Medical
– Therafirm, a division of KNIT-RITE
– Topical BioMedics (Topricin)
– Vionic Shoes
– SoClean

Contact us if you have questions about any of these vendor partners, or visit our Preferred Vendors page to learn more.