Knowledge is Powerful in the Hands of a Caretailer

Posted on: October 20th, 2016 by Rob Baumhover

Being a successful caretailer is about more than just consultatively discovering the needs of your customers. It’s also about being knowledgeable on the products within your store to know which products to suggest that best match the needs identified. But how can a caretailer possibly learn about all of the products in the store on their own?

VGM Retail preferred vendor partner Topical Biomedics is dedicated to providing staff and product knowledge training to all VGM Members who purchase their Topricin and MyPainAway products as way to ensure cash retail success in your store. Training sessions are conducted by Topricin President and Inventor, Lou Paradise, to optimize the information your staff receives.

And did we mention, this training comes at no cost to VGM Members purchasing Topical Biomedics’ products!


Through Topical Biomedics’ training session, your staff will:

– Have a thorough understanding of the health benefits of Topical Biomedics products
– Learn how the formulation of Topricin products treat the source of pain, rather than masking it
– Receive merchandising and sales tips to gain greater cash retail success

Sign up for your no cost training session today!  CLICK HERE to learn more and schedule today!

Have you heard about the VGM Member exclusive 4th quarter special pricing from Topical Biomedics? Visit their supplier page at – click here – or message us to find out details!