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Posted on: January 10th, 2018 by Rob Baumhover


A typical New Year’s saying goes, “New Year, New You.” However, our team is going to challenge our caretailers to think, “New Year, New DME.” No, we don’t mean to start a completely new DME business venture from scratch (unless you want to…feel free to contact us). What we mean is that it is time to REFRESH your current DME location. Sometimes a refresh can seem daunting with how much work and the amount of time it takes to change the look and feel of your DME. However, we can ensure it is well worth it!


Reason 1-

With the start of a new year, your customers are looking to make health and wellness lifestyle changes. With lifestyle changes, customers will expect an updated store experience that is going to bring them the positivity they need to reach their goals. By re-energizing your showroom, you are maintaining customer interest.

Reason 2-

 By shifting around products, fixtures, and product categories, you are giving the customer a chance to see products they may have never come across before while shopping. Thus, you’d be building customer trust by giving them a chance to grab a product that is going to add more ease and freedom to their lives.

Reason 3-

With choosing to convert your showroom space, you are now giving a chance to low-performing categories to perform better. For example, if bath safety is a low-performing product category in your location and it’s currently placed in the back of the store, try placing bath safety in the front of the store. By moving the category, you may increase sales, and if you increase sales, you will now be capitalizing on your current product assortments and improving your bottom line.

Moving Forward:

Everybody knows that time is money, so how often should a business owner refresh their DME? We suggest quarterly for minor showroom changes and every six months to a year for major showroom changes.

To classify minor showroom changes, this will be based on trends, what’s hot in the industry, and the time of year. For these changes, look to move front fixtures, first impression fixtures, impulse fixtures, seasonal fixtures, add seasonal products and reorganize the cash wrap area. At a minimum, this should be done on a quarterly basis.

Major showroom changes include long-term changes that are analyzed ideally every six months or at minimum on a yearly basis. Major changes will be the moving of product categories, reorganizing your store layout, cosmetic changes (e.g., paint, signage), or other long-term aesthetic renewals.

Tips for the Showroom Refreshment Process:

Tip 1-

Pay attention to your numbers! Looking at your numbers will help you identify which categories are strong or weak performers. One rule of thumb is to evaluate your numbers ideally on a daily basis but at a minimum on a weekly basis.

As a starting point for evaluation, look at data regarding information about quantities sold per a specified period and dollars sold per a specified period in comparison to your quantity on hand.

Tip 2-

Next, pay attention to the seasons. Especially for minor showroom changes, update your store based on upcoming seasons or the time of the year. This will help you capitalize on seasonal sales, create variety in product offerings, and overall help your bottom line.

Tip 3-

Are you planning ahead? When livening up your store, plan quarterly. During the last month of every quarter, you should be planning for the next quarter. This will help you prepare for scheduling employees, ordering products, and evaluating your numbers.

Tip 4-

Lastly, have a fresh set of eyes look at the store. Pick someone who can help generate new stimulating showroom changes. Everyone can always learn from an outside source. Ask friends, family, retail experts, vendors, etc. for their opinions on your showroom space. Make your space the best it can be.

Pretty Simple, huh?

It’s now time to put our blog to the test! We hope you enjoyed reading this week’s blog. VGM Retail wishes you good luck in conquering your New Year’s resolutions and a Happy New Year. For more information on how to REFRESH your showroom, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Contributed by Rob Baumhover and Claire Young.

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