Retail Displays Done Right!

Posted on: May 30th, 2014 by Rob Baumhover


HME Retailers,

Have you ever walked by a storefront and stopped in your tracks to look at an attractive window display that caught your eye? Or have you noticed a new product sign while wandering through a store and decided to check it out? These are examples of retail displays done right!

Three keys to creating effective retail displays are to ensure they are:


     2.Attractive, and;


Entice people to step through the doors of your store and increase customer foot traffic with clean, eye-catching and attention grabbing window displays.

Once inside, product category signage and product displays that are clear and easy to follow allow customers to navigate the store with ease and find the products that interest them.

Using a common style or design among all of your display pieces and store signage creates professionalism and will leave your customers with a positive feeling while browsing through your store. Creating an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers is essential!

Do your HME product displays need a face lift? Not sure how to go about creating signage for your store? Read the article below from Retail Minded for some great tips.

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Drive More Foot Traffic with Retail Displays

Need more foot traffic in your store? Sure, who doesn’t? Well aside from location, retail displays are huge when it comes to driving foot traffic. Here are a few quick tips that will help you get the most out of your displays.

Keep It Clean:

There’s always the urge to display as many items as possible to show you have something for everyone. Resist this urge; less is more when it comes to displays. You want to put your best foot forward and show off your top selling products or best offers. Studies have shown that when consumers are faced with too many options they can’t make a decision and end up walking on by. So why not just give them that one thing they really want.

Use Placement to Make it Pop:

Make sure you take into account line of sight. It doesn’t matter how eye catching your display is, if no one can see it. If you’re working on a window display take a walk around outside and see what you have to work with, is there a bus stop or tree blocking the view from the street? Is there a park bench that people love to sit on and people watch? These types of things will impact where you want to place your display so it has maximum impact.

Keep It Fresh:

Especially if your business is in a high traffic area, you don’t want your display to get stale so make sure to change it with the season. Or more importantly, that it catches the eye of would be passer’s by every time they see it. You can use web resources such as Pinterest to keep the ideas flowing.

Take it Beyond the Window:

Once you’ve caught a customer’s interest enough to get them through the door, you want to keep their interest and lead them toward a purchase. This can be done through in-store signage and in-store displays. Again it helps here to walk the store as if you were a customer, asking what drew me in. Can I easily find what I’m looking for? In-store displays are a way to enchant customers with an amazing experience as you lead them through the store.

Keep Them Coming Back:

Displays don’t end at the checkout. Your packaging choices can turn an ordinary product into a portable display that the customer takes with them. Choosing packaging that is consistent with your store design will imprint your brand in the customer’s mind and drive return visits to your store. Feel free to display some of the gifts you sell along with your packaging products especially if you have your logo on them. Your customers will see how nice they look and may just purchase more!

Bonus Tip… Go Virtual:

Social Media and Local Listings give you the opportunity to create virtual displays online. Utilizing these outlets can turn your store into a destination locking in the foot traffic before your customer even leaves their home.

Displays are an important factor in driving foot traffic, so get creative and have fun! If you want to share some inspiration with other indie retailers, be sure to tweet your displays or link them up in the comments.

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