Retail Roadshow Wrap Up

Posted on: October 27th, 2015 by Rob Baumhover


After a whirlwind week of travel between Iowa, Florida and California, we can officially close the book for the second round of Retail Science Roadshows.

We want to take the time to thank everyone who attended and showed interest in the event. We thoroughly enjoyed the conversations that took place and the topics that were discussed. We also appreciate all the feedback we received after the event including this comment by a San Diego Attendee:

“I did not know exactly what to expect when I showed up at the Retail Science Roadshow, but I left encouraged, energized, and full of new ideas to bring back to our store. I would definitely recommend this presentation to anyone in the DME/HME industry that is at all considering a cash showroom as it will help to equip them with tools and techniques to maximize space, resources, and most importantly bring in sales.”

Thank you again to all of the VGM Members who took part in the sessions. We look forward to getting back out there in upcoming months for the third round of Retail Science Roadshows. No dates or locations have been finalized so if you’re interested in having the Retail Team come to your area, let us know by suggesting a location here!