The Market Experience

Posted on: January 21st, 2017 by Rob Baumhover

Last week, our Retail Team traveled to Atlanta, GA to attend The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market Conference.

“What does a Gift & Home Furnishing conference have to do with HME or retail?”

Great question! There were no wheelchairs, compression products, lift chairs, or bath seats at Market. There are more candles than you can ever imagine. Yet there is so much we can learn by going to Market.

What’s Trending

No matter what market you’re in, staying relevant and keeping up trends is the difference between continued profitability and stagnation. Finding what’s new for products, designs, vendors, and additional possible revenue streams will keep your customers interested in what’s going on in your store and keep them coming back regularly to see what’s next.

Store Design Inspiration

Some of the greatest artists find their inspiration from outside of their craft, and so do we. As the HME/Retail industry moves away from the traditional, clinical showrooms, we’re beginning to shift towards more modern, contemporary showroom styles. The gift, home furnishing and decor market is an excellent source to learn what styles, colors and designs people are interested in and attracted to because they are always on the cutting edge of trend.

Marketing Programs

Not only are these industries driving trend, they are also reinventing marketing. Many of the vendors we met with had robust marketing programs available to their customers. They have done the research and created marketing materials to attact the end user to come into these stores. While health, wellness, and medical products are marketed in a slightly different way, we can adjust what these vendors are doing to fit our customers while still being innovative and reaching our target market.

Oftentimes, we get tunnel vision and don’t see what’s going on outside our world of HME. But when we take the blinders off, we can learn a lot from these other industries.

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