Tools to Soften those Tough Conversations

Posted on: August 6th, 2015 by Rob Baumhover


HME Retailers,

In our industry, an important part of a salesperson’s job is making the customer feel comfortable talking about their personal health issues. We often come across customers who are embarrassed about their health conditions or don’t feel comfortable enough to share information about “taboo” health problems. As health care providers, it’s our job to make the customer feel at ease talking about their condition or their loved one’s condition, so we can provide them with the best care possible.

As an employer, it’s important to give your employees all the tools they need to make the sale in situations like these, while also keeping the customer’s feelings in mind. A few simple solutions to accomplish this are:

• Keep your employees fully informed about all the products you carry and their possible uses. Some products may have more than one use and may be helpful for a variety of different health issues or ailments.
• Involve your staff in role playing activities with specific ‘uncomfortable’ scenarios so they can be prepared when having these sensitive conversations.
• Provide employees with physical aids or product samples to help keep the conversation light and easy.

Often of these tools can be provided by your vendor partners, many of whom have already identified these uncomfortable conversations and created solutions to combat them. One of our newest VGM Retail Vendor Partners, Earth Mama Angel Baby, is a great example of a company who has developed a ‘tough conversations’ solution for HME providers.

Earth Mama Angel Baby manufactures natural, non-GMO, vegan and organic herbal products including oils, butters, balms, soaps and teas specifically formulated to support the entire journey of childbirth, from pregnancy through postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and baby care. Earth Mama was able to identify that although the birth of a new baby is an exciting and joyful time, there are also a few not-so-joyful parts of childbirth and the recovery process as well. Earth Mama combated the issue of talking about these sensitive topics by creating a variety of visual resources to help keep the conversation fun and playful. Check out these great resources below!


By merchandising these educational pieces in your ‘Mom and Baby’ product category, either near your breast pumps and accessories, or next to your other Earth Mama products, a new mother looking for postpartum care or a new father shopping for his partner can feel comfortable asking those uncomfortable questions and your sales team can easily respond.

In addition, Earth Mama has created a VGM Members only web portal where you’ll find their full product portfolio, as well as additional educational resources for staff education or merchandising. Click here and create an account for their Members Only page and click here to view their educational resources.

If you’re interested in learning more about Earth Mama’s innovative product assortment, email Sales Mama at [email protected] or contact us at  and together we can look into the best options for your business.