VGM Retail’s Quick Tips for Improving Sales and Customer Service Through Role Playing Activities

Posted on: April 24th, 2014 by Rob Baumhover


HME Retailers,

Did you catch the latest edition of VGM Retail Services Quick-Tips Video Series: VGM Retail Presents: ‘Undercover HME Boss’ – Role Playing to Increase Sales and Customer Service?

In this edition, we demonstrate our Top 4 Tips for effective Role Play. Role Playing activities are a great way to boost the confidence and sharpen the sales skills of your retail staff members. Role Playing also provides a fun alternative to ordinary training sessions. It can also help your retail staff improve their product knowledge and learn effective ways to deal with all kinds of different customers. By practicing these simple and fun techniques, your employees will have the confidence to handle even the trickiest situations, and will deliver top-notch customer service to EVERY CUSTOMER, EVERY DAY!

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