What’s new about the Retail Roadshows?

Posted on: March 9th, 2017 by Rob Baumhover

Our Retail Roadshows are bigger and better than ever this year! How so? This year we’re digging deeper, getting to the heart of analyzing and assessing your business with hands-on workshops using the actual tools and forms we use when working with members so that you can walk away with answers to some of your biggest retail questions. Here’s a look at what you’ll be doing during the day:


Marketing: Getting People in the Door

– Come prepared with example marketing pieces your business has done to be reviewed and critiqued by experienced industry marketers.
– See examples of successful marketing campaigns VGM Retail has implemented with members and the results they generated.
– Receive an SEO assessment of your business’s Google search engine rankings, a tool used by the VGM Retail Team to assess the visibility of your business to customers online.


Inventory Management: Controlling Product and Ordering

– With your store’s product inventory information in hand, the VGM Retail Team will walk you through the process they use to analyze inventory levels and product mix for members we work with.
– Receive a take-home worksheet for you to quickly and easily determine the revenue potential gained by adding retail products to your core categories.
– Get an in-depth look at the in-store experience of the HME Retail future and learn the methodology behind store setup and design.


Financials: Achieving Successful Outcomes

– Learn the key points the VGM Retail Team looks at when assessing HME Retail members they’ve worked with.
– Plug your business’s financial numbers into our VGM Retail Program Financial Dashboard to benchmark your current sales and expenses.
– Compare your financial numbers to those of other successful HME Retail members that the VGM Retail Team has worked with over the years.



– Vendor reps with traditional retail and HME industry experiences will be on hand to answer your questions not only on their products, but also best practices they’ve seen in the market. THESE ARE NOT PRODUCT SALES PITCHES – We’ve chosen these vendors because of their expertise in multiple retail areas.
– Our Vendor Sponsors (Vionic, Contour Products, Therafirm, & Golden Technologies) have graciously offered to give Roadshow attendees purchasing discounts on their next orders. Discount information can be found here.

The next stop for the Retail Roadshow is Waukesha, WI on April 4th. CLICK HERE to register today or to check out our other event locations!

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