You’ll “Flip Out” Over This Incremental Sales Opportunity

Posted on: January 25th, 2017 by Rob Baumhover

Incremental cash sales have never been easier, especially with the Contour Products Flip Tower and this BUY 8, GET 2 FREE offer.

If you haven’t tried Contour’s 10-IN-1 Flip Pillow™, now is the time. The perfect blend of a wedge and pillow, this multi-use pillow with fantastic retail packing will instantly become a source of additional incremental revenue.


As a special for VGM members, Contour is offering this $400 retail value for just $160! Build a Flip Tower that your customers will grab-n-go for great impulse cash purchases. Our Flip Tower Package includes 10 Flip Pillows and a how-to guide to easily build the tower.

The Flip Tower will not disappoint! The proof is in the pudding! Customers who used to buy two Flip Pillows at a time are now ordering 20-30 a month. With proper positioning near your check out area, the Flip Pillows will fly out the door. Talk about a great cash product!

Contact Colleen Hinsberg, sales manager at Contour products, and mention the VGM Flip Tower promotion today! She can be reached at 704-944-2810 or [email protected].

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